Planning for the May 2017 Jarrell ISD bond was a thorough process involving information gathering,
research and community input.


The Facilities Planning Committee was established to collectively find a solution to address the needs of the district while representing the community. These Jarrell ISD residents, made up of parents, staff, local citizens, civic and business leaders, dedicated their time, thoughts and resources to studying and prioritizing the needs of the district over the course of six months.


The committee reviewed a variety of information including a demographic report and corresponding capacity study, district financial analysis and bond financing, grade reconfiguration statistics, and results of a community-wide survey. Upon completion of the FPC’s analysis, a recommendation was presented to the Board of Trustees.


Tami Cooper, Co-Chair

Troy Clawson, Co-Chair

Jenny Arnold

Marlena Brown

John Dees

Anne Dundas

Heather Dunnam

Larry George

Flavia Goddard

Brenda Hight

Susan Jurk

Amanda Lincoln

Brandon Mendoza

Judie Mitten

Bill Moran

Janine Nemec

Tom Slowbe

Danny Tucker

Jack Wilson

Advisory Members:

Michael Cosimeno, Board Member

Bobby Rogers, Board Member

Becky Snow, Asst. Superintendent

Early Voting

April 24 – May 2, 2017

Election Day

May 6, 2017